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N.I.P Exotic City Gin

N.I.P Exotic City Gin

The N.I.P EXOTIC CITY GIN is the second issue of our core Hong Kong gin series. This new issue seeks to showcase a different side of Hong Kong, highlighting its incredible, yet underrated local produce and agriculture. Anchored by locally grown perfume lemons, this gin is a citrus and refreshing expression that seeks to explore an unknown side of the city, and more importantly, flavours that are truly original and nurtured in this concrete jungle.


N.I.P 異城琴酒


N.I.P 異城琴酒 的概念主要是想把香港不為人知的一面展現出來。有所不知,原來香港本地也有許多高質量的農作物,包括不同的蔬果。經多番嘗試和實驗,我們這一次決定採用本地生長的香水檸檬為主角,把真正屬於香港的味道,以清新和柑橘為主調以無名氏第二主款的氈酒呈現。

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