"800M" - N.I.P CNY Limited Edition Gin 「捌億」無名氏限量版氈酒

"800M" - N.I.P CNY Limited Edition Gin 「捌億」無名氏限量版氈酒

Red pockets season is upon us and we are preparing an extra special limited edition gin, namely 800M (捌億) for you to share all the best with your friends and family!


Our CNY Limited Edition Gin is created using 8 CNY inspired botanicals, including mandarin, oolong tea, lily, lotus seeds, black dates, ginger, gold flakes and of course juniper berries. It is limited to 888 bottles only with individual number on each of them.  And as the name suggests, this special label represents our wish for everyone to have a prosperous new year with all the good wealth, fortune and health. 


The bottles shall be ready for delivery on 3 February 2021 onwards! 


We wish everyone 800M for this new year!  Kung Hei Fat Choi!




「捌億」氈酒以杜松子、蜜柑、蓮子、百合 、南棗、生薑、鐵觀音、及金箔共八款原材料蒸餾而成,每款草本講求意頭之餘亦配合出既獨特又平衡的味道和新年氣色,加上氈酒內金箔亦令雞尾酒閃閃生色,寓意來年大家甜甜蜜蜜、百年好合、一起發財!