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N.I.P Cask Aged Gin

N.I.P Cask Aged Gin

N.I.P presents a limited edition that is the first of its kind – a cask aged gin that is a hundred percent produced and matured in Hong Kong.  


With this special bottle, we have worked with our friends at Frederiksdal Kirsbaervin, an award-winning winery in Southern Denmark, and The Bottle Shop, the masterminds behind the Good Friends Project, in combining Nordic heritage and Hong Kong flavours.  This gin combines a list of festive botanicals, including juniper berries, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, orange peels, cacao and earl grey tea, which is then matured in a French Oak Barrel that was previously used for the production of the award-winning Danish fruit wine by Frederiskdal in Harpelunde, Denmark.  The resulting gin is a full-bodied and flavourful spirit that is sippable on its own, with a smooth and silky texture that is the product of the maturation process.  Packed with flavours ranging from dark fruits to chocolate, to citrus and warm spices, this cask aged gin is designed to spice up your festive season with a familiar seasonal scent but with a whole new sensation and experience.

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