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N.I.P. is distilled in a copper pot-column distillation system custom made in Germany by Christian Carl, a long standing and renowned manufacturer of distillation systems with over 140 years of experience, who is also responsible for the creation of many international and renowned spirit brands.  Taking 16 months to design and manufacture, our still has a 220L capacity pot, alembic helmet and a botanical basket for distillation and vapor infusion.  Coupled with a plate column that acts to further refine the spirit, our still is capable of producing incredibly refined spirits that can be sipped directly from the still even at high proof. The reason why we chose a copper still is because, in addition to copper being a great heat conductor, it has the ability to react with the spirit to clean it, removing certain undesirable flavours, paving way for us to produce our fine and exquisite spirit.





The N.I.P. Gin is created using over 20 different botanicals ranging from traditional botanicals of distilled gin to ones that represent the city’s own flavour.  What we want to achieve with our recipe is to find a harmony between various aromas and flavours to create a complex, balanced, and at the same time pay tribute to our roots, the heritage of the city and our people. 

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By combining these botanicals, the N.I.P. gin captures the essence of the classic dry gin sensation as well as flavours of Hong Kong.   Using traditional botanicals of distilled gin, led by the pine flavored juniper berries, coupled with the city’s own flavor, in the form of refreshing and tangy citrus flavor of aged tangerine peels and kumquat, as well as the unmistakable sweetness of osmanthus and smoothness of Shoumei tea and more, this is a meticulously crafted gin that not only brings forth a complex yet soothing combination of flavors, but also the heritage and underlying attitude that is representative of Hong Kong. 



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